Maren Munoz


& client work

From 2016-2017, I was the Interim Production Designer in the Department of Engineering Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In large part, my role revolved around generating a high volume of templated course brochures using Adobe InDesign, but I also had the opportunity to create a handful of special promotional pieces.

This included flyers, completion certificates, a 25-page booklet for our Masters of Engineering in Engine Systems program, and a brochure that was part of an A/B test and promoted our Maintenance Management certificate.

course connections flyer
standard course brochure
masters program booklet
maintenance managment certificate A/B test

rebranding project

art & design

My fine art background is rooted in printmaking, and I only seriously began a digital design practice in the last several years. These pieces were all created using Illustrator and Photoshop.

kauai album cover art and map
print for art exchange at MICA
WTF is girl code, anyway?

about me
& contact

Bios are hard to write and convey very little actual information about a person, so here is just a list of words that best describe me.

Resourceful, scrappy, patient, kind, grace under pressure, practical, darkhorse, optimistic, cynical, closet luddite, master of the pivot, empath, fiery at times, dreamy pisces, and willing to move mountains for the people and things in this world that mean something to me.

best way to reach me?

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